Tools developed by CTOP:

  • Composable High-Level Loop (CHiLL) transformation framework

CHiLL is a composable high-level loop transformation framework. It supports a wide variety of loop transformations on a whole loop nest or individual sub loop nests inside. Different transformations can be applied in sequence. A scripting interface is also provided and optimizing parameters used by the script can be modified on the fly.

CHiLL (ROSE, 2018) release 0.3, Documenation [CHiLL.pdf]

Archived versions

CHiLL (SUIF, 2011) release 0.2

CHiLL (ROSE, 2012), used with Omega+

Omega+ is a mathematical library for manipulating integer linear constraints over integer variables in first order logic, and operations on integer sets and their mappings. CodeGen+ is a code generation library by scanning the points in a union of polytopes. A command-line interface to libraries is also included.

Other useful tools:

SUIF is a collection of programs and libraries, mostly written in C++, that allow researchers to investigate issues in scalar and parallel optimization. It contains passes to do a variety of transformations including parallel loop detection, parallel code generation, cache-based loop transformations, and scalar optimizations. (This information is from the README file in the SUIF package.)